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For Sellers

What  should you consider before selling?

Prior to listing your home consider the following

  • Assuming my home sells, can I afford to purchase a new home? How much money will I net after closing costs?

  • If I purchase a new home, can I afford the monthly payments (mortgage, maintenance, etc)?

  • What if I find a home to purchase before my home sells?

  • What if I accept an offer prior to finding a home to purchase? Is this an affordable risk? Can I afford two mortgages?

How do I avoid common seller mistakes?

Coming to market with an overinflated list price and the belief you can decrease as necessary increases the probability your home will sit on the market longer then necessary. The right list price from the start is likely to attract a greater number of potential buyers, leading to decreased sale time and an increased sale price. Sellers should also be ready to make repairs requested during an accepted offer. Assuming potential buyers have an inspection contingency, they may request a repair or credit for items prior to closing.

Should I interview Real Estate Brokers?

Yes, consult both brokers and  people you know who have gone through the process. When interviewing broker's marketing plans, past sales, current home value, etc.

How do I prepare my home for sale?

Remove clutter and clean every nook and cranny. Cosmetic changes such as painting, updating hardware, and staging go a long way, but are not always possible. The exterior's curb appeal, including landscaping, is often overlooked, but the first site the buyer sees. Buyers do judge a home by its cover!

What is the average timeline to sell my home?

A typical transaction can run 30 – 45 days from acceptance of purchase contract to close; however,  in hot markets this can be significantly reduced. Outside of market conditions, price and home type play a part in the time it takes to close a home sale. Your broker takes these factors into consideration and will advise accordingly. 

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